Friday, 11 May 2012

Local Nature Partnerships

In its Natural Environment White Paper, the UK Government recognised that there was a need for local areas to work in a joined up and strategic way to help manage the natural environment to produce multiple benefits for people, the economy and the environment. To achieve this ambition, the White Paper has proposed the establishment of Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs). The vision is that LNP's will comprise a broad range of local organisations, businesses and people with the credibility to work with and influence other local strategic decision makers. The LNPs will thus help their local area to manage the natural environment as a system and to embed its value in local decisions for the benefit of nature, people and the economy. See the Defra LNP website for more details.

Over the past few weeks I have been involved in the setting up of two LNPs:
  • Staffordshire LNP
My input into these start up meetings was to provide a theoretical overview of the ecosystem service benefits that might be provided by nature, and thus help to demonstrate why it is important for local people to work together to protect their natural environment. Could I wish both LNP partnerships the best wishes for their projects, and would encourage other local authorities to also submit their applications into Defra to form such partnerships.


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